A book Promoting peace !@#

My name is Stijn / Constantijn Gabeler.
Born and raised in the Netherlands.

…. I live in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland, Nederland, Europe !

Daily i work on GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL projects.

My interest is to get people involved in social-awareness-projects.

I live for promoting-peace and to share my experience and knowledge with people !

Giving love is giving life !

So why this blog ?

Think about sharing knowledge by giving attention to it !

It is all about : Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (A.I.D.A.)

About : http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boekenweek

Wrote a song :


Boekenweek 16th until 26th march 2011 BookWeek in the Netherlands.))))

This week it is the book week in the Netherlands, Europe. http://www.boekenweek.nl/

A free book by paying 12,50 Euro on books in any book-store

and a free-ticket for the Dutch train to travel on the Sunday the 20th of March 2011.

On Saturday and Sunday i read the book Pizza Maffia from which is made a Dutch movie. http://www.pizzamaffia.nl/

I love watching movies,… I dream about writing movies, I love writing, but why don’t i like reading ?

Something got me started !

Normally i see a lot of movies in the cinema’s in Amsterdam at the Pathé with my Pathé Unlimited card.

Only 18 Euro a month and one can see as much movies as one can ! see http://www.Pathe.nl/amsterdam .

Most weeks i see about 4 or 5 movies in the cinema.

I don’t read many books. And because i read an write all on the internet, my focus is on blogging and google-ing the info.

Somehow i seem to change my mind a bit ! My life begins to change, One book can change a way of life !

Now my interests begin to get into another direction.

I begin to change !

(Change is good, if it is all for the better !)

Last weekend i went by train to the southern-side of Holland ! (Limburg)

On my way to the village Venray, to see my family

i read the book Pizza Maffia by
Khalid Boudou. http://www.khalidboudou.nl/
In 2 days i finnished it.
It is a wonderfull book with a great story, funny and also seriously important.
Mostly reviewing movies, i have to wait until i have seen it, to publish my thoughts about it.
The book is now at my fathers house, hopefully he will read it !
see my movie-review blog: http://my.opera.com/GODOGOOD

I wish i could write like this ! I wish i could speak to people who can teach me more about Journalism and writing movies !

& I love to play on my guitar, make songs and play some piano. (Unfortunately i don’t have a piano, but a simple keyboard can be enough).

I also love to make pictures or video’s with my mobile phone. (the Nokia N8 is great !)

You can find many published pictures or videos online ! I publish on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/stijn.gabeler

or on 2 other accounts.



It is no secret-life ! I don’t have anything to hide. My life is an open-book. I am an open-book !

I believe in honesty, transparency and true love and friendships.

About the book i found ….

On my way back…. I was reading the book-week gift of this year (2011) 20 March 2011 Sunday was a day we could travel for free by train

if we could show a book : DE KRAAI (The craw)

Written by Kader Abdolah.

He writes about his Journalistic experiences,

A life in Amsterdam as a salesman selling coffee.

My dream is to sell coffee, to write books, to be a journalist !

My dream is to make music and make movies !

That’s why i initiated : GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS  http://www.GODOGOOD.in



In the train i found a book while i was reading a book on my way back home.


I started to read a book by the author of #1 bestseller



Book Week is also one of the longest running children’s festival in Australia.

http://cbca.org.au/bookweek.htm !@#

But will this event ((BookWeek)) also be a thing for the rest of the world ?

There are so many people on this earth who can’t read or write !

One week with a focus on reading and writing books ?

In the Netherlands the event lasts for 10 days !

A lot of people talk about it, Also the Children’s Book Week, but do many people know there is one for adults ?

It’s 22 March 2011 and i am on the first page of the book : Stones into schools.

So : Praise for Greg Mortenson and Stones into schools !

May the force be with you and may we all give peace and love to eachother !

Greatings from the Netherlands, Alkmaar. http://www.2d4u.nl initiator Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler


Now it is time to read !@#


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